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运动话题 - 英语讨论


Athletics, a part of all modern and ancient Olympic games, include four disciplines. Track events are footraces. Field events include jumping and throwing. Combined events, like the decathlon(十项全能) (won by the Czech athlete Robert Zmelik, above, in 1992) include both track and field. Road events, such as marathons and race walking, take place outside the official Olympic facilities.


  • jogging 跑步
  • Choreography 编舞
  • sledding
  • kayaking 皮划艇


Cycling 自行车

The Olympic sport of cycling has four disciplines: track, road, mountain, and BMX. Track cycling, like that above, has been a part of all modern Olympic games. Road cycling, where athletes race on outdoor roads, became a permanent Olympic sport in 1912. Mountain biking became an Olympic sport in 1996, and BMX, where cyclists have only one gear and one break, debuted at the 2008 Olympics.

American football 橄榄球🏈

  • cheer leader
  • cheering squad 啦啦队

Football(Soccer in US) 足球⚽️

Football, known in the U.S. as soccer, is the most popular sport in the world, and has been a part of the Olympics since 1908. Legendary Brazilian football player Pele, above, was named “Athlete of the Century” by the International Olympic Committee, despite having never actually played in the Olympics.

  • football strip
  • goalkeeper 守门员
  • save 救了一个球
  • forward 前锋
  • referee 裁判
  • centre circle
  • goalpost 门柱
  • net 球网
  • crossbar 横杆
  • dribble 运球
  • throw-in 投放
  • kick 踢
  • pass
  • shoot 射击
  • boot 靴
  • save the ball
  • tackle 处理

Boxing 🥊

Boxing, as shown in this Greek fresco, is an ancient sport. It became part of the modern Olympics in 1904, and the 2012 games will feature the debut of women’s boxing as a medal sport.

Field Hockey 曲棍球

Field hockey has been a part of the Olympics since 1908, although women’s field hockey did not debut until 1980. In 2012, athletes will compete on a unique, water-based synthetic grass field.

hockey 冰球

cricket 板球

basketball 篮球

Basketball has been an Olympic sport since 1936, although professional NBA players (like these at an NBA Europe tour) were not allowed to participate until 1992.

  • hoop 铁环
  • net
  • dunk 扣篮
  • block 阻挡
  • bounce 拍球
  • mark 盯人

volleyball 🏐️排球

Volleyball has two disciplines: volleyball and beach volleyball. Volleyball made its Olympic debut in 1964, while beach volleyball (played outdoors on a sand court) became an Olympic sport in 1996.

  • block
  • net
  • dig

Judo 柔道

Judo debuted as an Olympic sport in 1964. In five-minute bouts, athletes are awarded points for different throws and holds. Punching, kicking, and touching an opponent’s face is not allowed.

Baseball ⚾️棒球

  • bat
  • touch base with 咨询

tennis 🎾

Tennis was part of the first modern Olympics, and Molla Mallory, above, won a bronze medal in 1912. Tennis was removed in 1924, but added back to the Olympic roster in 1988.

  • umpire 裁判员
  • handle
  • racquet/racket 球拍
  • string
  • smash 扣杀

golf 高尔夫 ⛳️

  • caddy 球童
  • golf ball
  • tee
  • glove
  • umbrella
  • golf trolley
  • golf shoe
  • golf bag
  • spikes
  • golf clubs 球杆
  • wood
  • putter
  • iron
  • wedge

Sir, would you like to play from the blue or white Tee?

Would you like me to lend the flag?


  • 车道
  • lane 车道
  • starting line
  • finshing line
  • discus 铁饼
  • shotput 铅球
  • javelin 投标枪
  • baton 接力棒
  • relay race 接力跑
  • crossbar 跳高
  • long jump
  • hurdle 栏

combat sports

  • opponent
  • glove
  • belt
  • guard


The sport of badminton made its Olympic debut in 1992. There are singles and doubles competitions for both men and women, as well as mixed doubles for a duo with a man and a woman.

Table Tennis

Table tennis, sometimes called ping-pong, has been an Olympic sport since 1988. There are medals for men’s and women’s singles and doubles.

taekwondo 跆拳道

Taekwondo became an Olympic medal sport in 2000. U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Steven Ostrander, right, is a 2012 Olympic athlete and three-time national champion in the heavyweight division.

  • fall 摔倒
  • hold 抓住
  • throw 翻倒
  • pin 按住
  • kick 踢腿
  • pounch 出拳
  • block 堵塞
  • chop 劈


  • armband
  • goggles
  • nose clip
  • lane 道
  • water
  • starting block 出发区
  • springboard 跳水
  • dive
  • front crawl 往前爬行
  • breaststroke 蛙泳
  • kick
  • butterfly

Canoe 独木舟

The Olympic sport of canoeing has two categories: canoe slalom and canoe sprint. In canoe slalom (pictured above), which debuted at the 1972 games, athletes in canoes or kayaks navigate a series of gates in whitewater rapids. In canoe sprint, which debuted in 1936, athletes race head-to-head in still water.

fencing 🤺击剑

Wrestling 摔跤

Wrestling was a part of most ancient Olympic games, and all modern ones as well. There are two disciplines in wrestling: Greco-Roman and freestyle. In Greco-Roman wrestling, competitors are only allowed to use their arms and upper bodies to attack their opponents’ upper bodies. In freestyle wrestling, athletes may use all parts of their bodies to gain holds on their opponents.

Pentathlon 五项运动

The modern pentathlon includes fencing, swimming equestrian, running, and shooting. The modern pentathlon debuted(首次亮相) in 1912, where these athletes competed. (They also competed in athletic events—hurdles (left) and shot-put (right).)

Equestrian 马术

Shooting 射击

Shooting was a part of the first modern Olympic games, and has appeared in most Olympiads. Shooting includes three events: pistol, rifle, and shotgun (手枪、步枪和霰弹枪).

Sailing 帆船(海上)

Although sailing was expected to be a part of the first modern Olympics, bad weather canceled the event. It instead debuted in 1900. Until 1996, the sport was called “yachting.”

Rowing 赛艇

Rowing has been an Olympic sport since 1900. Men and women compete as individuals, and as teams of two, four, and eight.

  • rower 划船的人
  • row 划船的人
  • oar 桨
  • kayak
  • canoeing
  • paddle
  • surfing 冲浪
  • waterskiing 划水
  • rafting 漂流
  • jet skiing 滑水

riding horse

  • reins 缰绳
  • jodhpurs 马裤
  • riding hat 骑马帽
  • mane 鬃毛
  • groom 马夫
  • stirrup 镫
  • girth 周长
  • hoof 蹄
  • bridle 辔
  • saddle 鞍
  • hoof 蹄
  • riding crop 策

parachuting 跳伞

  • paragliding 滑翔伞

archery 射箭

Archery first appeared in the modern Olympics at the 1900 games. The sport was dropped and reintroduced several times before becoming a permanent Olympic sport in 1972.

  • bow 弓
  • archery 射箭
  • target
  • target shooting

台球 pool

  • snooker
  • billard
  • snooker


  • stretch 拉伸
  • lunge 弓步
  • squat 蹲
  • sit-up 仰卧起坐
  • aerobics 有氧运动(慢点儿动)
  • dumb bell 哑铃
  • bicep curl 二头肌弯举


A triathlon consists of a race in three parts: a 1,500-meter (4,921-foot) swim, a 40-kilometer (24.85-mile) bike ride, and a 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) run, in that order. Triathlons became an Olympic sport in 2000.


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