Topic: Architecture

建筑话题 - 英语讨论


  • Architect 建筑师
  • Architecture 建筑
  • street 街区,夹缝中穿过社区
  • curb 马路牙子
  • pavement 人行道
  • intersection 十字路口
  • cmpound/complex 围合
  • appartment 公寓楼
  • flat: 平层公寓
  • suburb/downtown 郊区/市中心
  • pedestrian zone 人行横道
  • manhole 人孔
  • gutter 排水沟,贫民窟
  • drainage 排水
  • drain 排水到
  • aqueduct 饮水道
  • finial 建筑上最尖的部分
  • spire 尖的
  • gable 山墙
  • tower 钟楼
  • cornice 堰口
  • pillar 柱子
  • cathedral 天主大教堂
  • vault 拱顶(带尖)
  • dome 圆顶
  • gothic 哥特式建筑 尖尖塔
  • baroque 巴洛克
  • gesso 石膏
  • rococo 洛可可(中国影响西方,树动物装饰)
  • pediment 山形墙;三角墙
  • art nouveau 新艺术浪潮(曲线应用)
  • art deco
  • plumbing system 管道系统
  • bathroom
  • living room
  • bedrood
  • ketchen
  • cathedral 大教堂
  • mosque 清真寺
  • statue of liberty 自由女神像
  • triumphal arch 凯旋门
  • sphinx 狮身人面像(怪兽)
  • floor plan 楼层平面图
  • framework 框架
  • ornament 装饰品
  • landscape 景观
  • landmark 里程碑
  • urban 城市的
  • rectangular 矩形的
  • cylinder 圆柱
  • conic 圆锥的
  • cone 锥体(冰激凌🍦)
  • dimension 方面
  • exterior 外部的
  • vertical 垂直的
  • horizontal 水平的
  • plaster 石膏
  • concrete 具体的
  • cement 水泥
  • timber 木材
  • transportation hub 交通枢纽
  • convention center 会议中心
  • porch 门廊
  • hallway 门厅
  • attic 阁楼

You had the downstairs but up the stairs the house actually had unfinished attic space as well.


Reading Articles

Modern Architecture in the United States

On one hand were the buildings produced for the wealthy or for civic purposes, which tended to echo the architecture of the past and to use traditional styles of ornamentation. 一种是为富人或市民建造的建筑,往往与过去的建筑风格相呼应,并使用传统风格的装饰。

On the other hand were purely utilitarian structures, such as factories and grain elevators(谷仓), which employed modern materials such as steel girders and plate glass(钢梁和平板玻璃) in an undisguised and unadorned(不加掩饰,不加修饰) manner.

pervasive application for daily use 广泛应用于日常生活

masonry 石工 砖石建筑

premise 前提

hallmarks 标志

From the standpoint of real estate developers, the purpose of skyscrapers was to increase rental space in valuable urban locations. 从房地产开发商的角度来看,摩天大楼的目的是在有价值的城市地段增加出租空间。

However, when the metal is encased in fire-retardant materials, its vulnerability to fire is much decreased. 然而,当金属包裹在阻燃材料中时,其防火脆弱性大大降低。

Such tiles are impervious to fire. 这种瓷砖不受火的影响。

utilitarian 实用主义 功利主义

balconies 阳台

valuable urban locations

a number of technical challenges need to be solved.