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经济(购物花钱)话题 - 英语讨论

  • economy n. 经济
  • GDP growth rate
  • surge, soar 急剧上升、蓬勃发展
  • skyrocketed 飞涨
  • poverty 贫穷
  • hunger 饥饿
  • recession 经济衰退
  • inflation 通货膨胀
  • unemployment rate 失业率
  • income 收入
  • wealthy adj. 有钱的;富有的
  • possession n. 财产
  • accumulate v. 积累
  • unpaid adj. 未付款的
  • donate v. 捐赠
  • accumulate wealth 积累财富
  • have an effect on 对…….有影响
  • bring…to… 给…….带来…….
  • benefit from 从…….中受益
  • hold different opinions on 对……持有不同的意见
  • with the development of the economy 随着经济的发展
  • the elderly/ senior citizens 老年人
  • household appliances 家电
  • generation gap 代沟
  • neighborhood n. 社区
  • a sense of belonging 归属感
  • 慷慨 n. generosity
  • 慈善事业或者慈善组织 n. charity
  • 慈善事业 n. philanthropy
  • eliminate poverty
  • Money - 金钱
  • Currency - 货币
  • Wealth - 财富
  • Income - 收入
  • Expenses - 开销
  • Savings - 储蓄
  • Budget - 预算
  • Investment - 投资
  • Financial - 金融的
  • Cost - 成本
  • Profit - 利润
  • Debt - 债务
  • Loan - 贷款
  • Credit - 信用
  • Bank - 银行
  • Interest - 利息
  • Exchange rate - 汇率
  • Inflation - 通货膨胀
  • Financial planning - 财务规划
  • Financial security - 财务安全
  • Economy - 经济
  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product) - 国内生产总值
  • Inflation - 通货膨胀
  • Deflation - 通货紧缩
  • Recession - 经济衰退
  • Recovery - 经济复苏
  • Unemployment - 失业
  • Employment - 就业
  • Labor market - 劳动力市场
  • Trade - 贸易
  • Import - 进口
  • Export - 出口
  • Tariff - 关税
  • Trade deficit - 贸易逆差
  • Trade surplus - 贸易顺差
  • Market - 市场
  • Supply and demand - 供求关系
  • Competition - 竞争
  • Entrepreneurship - 创业精神
  • Economic policy - 经济政策
  • evade tax 逃税
  • afford(to afford to buy sth.)
  • pricy 昂贵的
  • boom and bust 繁荣与萧条
  • dot-com crash 网络泡沫破灭
  • sprung up 兴起
  • went out of business 倒闭了
  • hysterical or irrational boom 歇斯底里或非理性繁荣
  • tulips 郁金香
  • Celestial Mountains 天山
  • 可支配收入货币 disposable income-money
  • tulip mania 郁金香狂热
  • joint-stock companies 股份公司
  • undertaking 承诺,保证,事业工程
  • drawing on: 利用,借鉴:从某些资源或经验中获取灵感或帮助。
  • an infusion of capital 资本流入,注入
  • stem from sth. 源于…
  • Bills of exchange 汇票
  • agricultural surplus 农业剩余
  • a bear market 熊市
  • blue chip 绩优股/蓝筹股
  • inscribed shares 记名式股票
  • Dowjones 道琼斯
  • Standard & Poor’s 标普
  • Tokyo’s Nikkei average 日经
  • NYSE, New York Stock Exchange
  • NASDAQ: National Association of Securities Deal automated Quotation
  • economic reform 经济改革
  • free market 自由市场
  • strip bad assets off 剥离不良资产
  • deficit 赤字
  • devaluation (货币)贬值
  • depreciation 贬值
  • deflate 紧缩
  • inflate 膨胀
  • depression/recession 经济萧条,不景气
  • federal deficit 联邦赤字
  • bankroll 资金
  • budget 预算
  • arbitrage 套利
  • amortize 分期付款
  • antitrust 反托拉斯的,反垄断的
  • monopolistic, monopolic 垄断的
  • bonus 奖金,红利
  • bearish 倾向下跌的,引起股市下跌的
  • bourse 交易所,证券交易所
  • negotiation 商议,谈判
  • mediator 调停者,仲裁人
  • transact 办理,交易,谈判,处理
  • drilling 钻探
  • forging 锻造
  • process 加工
  • tertiary 服务业
  • metallurgy 冶金
  • quarry 采石
  • generate electrity 发电
  • CPI Counsumer Price Index
  • CPI > 3%: inflation
  • CPI > 5%: serious inflation
  • PPI: Producer Price Index
  • Subprime 次贷
  • Hedge Fund 对冲基金
  • Credit Crisis 信贷危机
  • Required Reserve Ratio 存款准备金率
  • Preference Stock 优先股
  • to bail out, bailout 救市
  • IPO: Initial Public Offerings
  • barter 实物交易,以物换物
  • bargain: 便宜货,减价品;协议,交易(猴子抢手机换食物)

I don’t see how we are ever going to be able to afford to buy a house - we are spending everything we earn.

aggravate financial burdens on ordinary families
such courses cost at least 10,000 yuan for each semester
be not a small overhead

There’s a type of rapid expansion, what might be called the hysterical or irrational boom that pretty much always leads to a bust.有一种快速扩张,可以称为歇斯底里或非理性的繁荣,几乎总是会导致萧条。

Different people hold different opinions on money. 不同的人对金钱有不同的看法。

However, others think money is not the most important for the reason that health and intelligence are vital to people.

If I had the chance to get that money, I would first set aside some of it for my university education and then donate the rest to the children who suffered from a devastating earthquake last year.

They are not native to the Netherlands, or even Europe.

Therefore, health is much more important than wealth.

With the development of the Internet, many individuals favor online shopping because it is more convenient and can save time.

scrimp and save to do sth: spend very little money because you want to save it to buy sth. expensive (为了将来进行某种很高的消费而) 省吃俭用

a source of income 收入来源
Edward does not have any other source of income apart from his job. 除了他的工作,爱德华没有其他的收入来源了。

be cost-effective: be economical in terms of the services received for the money spent 物有所值的
We need a cost-effective solution to the problem. 我们需要找出一个能解决这个问题的高性价比解决方案。

be economical 经济实用的,节省开支的
A small family car is more economical than a large car. 一辆小的家用汽车比大型汽车要经济些。

levy a tax on: officially request payment of a tax (政府)对……征税
A new tax has been levied on cigarettes. 政府开始征收一项新的香烟税。

a remarkable or amazing thing

the period of time after an event, particularly an event that has a big impact

shut down
stop business

large buildings where materials or goods can be stored before they are sold


buying and selling goods or services

an activity or idea that is very popular, usually for a short period of time

popped up
(here) appeared

growing rapidly, especially used when talking about successful economies

full of activity and people moving around

belonging to a specific part of the business market

retail space
space used for the selling of goods to customers

owners of property who rent it out to other people

wanting to be a specific type of person

costs that are involved in running a business that are regular and needed, like paying rent or for heating and lighting

buildings that a business uses

customer base
the group of customers who regularly buy the goods or services from a business

get bigger

a decline in economic and business activity

went out of business (idiom)
stopped doing business

a temporary solution to a problem

reluctant (to do something)
not prepared to do something

(here) shop buildings and warehouses

a lot of energy or activity

to haggle
to argue about a price

a bargain
a very cheap price

you can’t say fairer than that
(idiom) that’s very fair

to knock off
(here) to lower a price

I haven’t got that kind of money
I haven’t got enough money for that



Populations cannot grow unless the rural economy can produce enough additional food to feed more people.

Much of the potential for European economic development lay in what at first glance would seem to have been only sleepy villages.

Increased agricultural production in turn facilitated rural industry, an intrinsic part of the expansion of industry.

More extended trading networks also helped develop Europe’s economy in this period.


united states currency system