• cricket 蟋蟀🦗(chirp)
  • bee 蜜蜂🐝
  • otter 獭
  • bat 🦇
  • tiger 🐯
  • cat 🐱
  • lion 🦁️
  • dog 🐶
  • shrimp 🦐
  • fish 🐟
  • fox 🦊
  • cockroaches 🪳
  • plankton 浮游生物
  • crow 乌鸦
  • jellyfish 水母
  • turtles 海龟
  • salamander 火蜥蜴
  • seabirds 海鸟
  • Hound 猎犬
  • octopus 章鱼,八爪鱼 🐙
  • squirrel 🐿️
  • seal 🦭
  • bee 🐝(pollinator 传粉媒介)
  • cubs 幼崽(食肉动物)
  • calves 幼崽(食草动物)
  • eggs 蛋,卵(乌龟,青蛙,鸟类)
  • alligator 短嘴鳄
  • ivory 象牙
  • camel 骆驼🐫
  • curved tusks 弯曲的獠牙(大象,猛犸象)
  • marsupial: mammal that carries its young in a pouch on the mother’s body.
  • molar: large, flat tooth used for chewing and grinding.
  • dinosaur: very large, extinct reptile chiefly from the Mesozoic Era, 251 million to 65 million years ago.
  • cattle: cows and oxen.
  • artifact: material remains of a culture, such as tools, clothing, or food.
  • anatomy: structure of an organism.
  • rear: to rear her whold family 饲养她的整个家
  • trespassing 侵入
  • rivals 竞争对手
  • sloth 树懒
  • mammal 动物
  • forage 草料
  • outrun 跑过,跑的快不快
  • oyster 牡蛎🦪
  • coral 珊瑚(small animals), a sessile animal, relies on its relationship with plant-like algae to build the largest structures of biological origin on Earth.
  • coral reef 珊瑚礁
  • pigeon 🐦鸽子
  • mammoth 猛犸象🦣,巨大的
  • squid 🦑鱿鱼
  • crab 🦀️
  • mosquitoes 🦟蚊子
  • plant-like protista(Algae) 藻类
  • plant plankton
  • moult 换羽,蜕皮


Camouflage 伪装

the disguising of military personnel, equipment, and installations by painting or covering them to make them blend in with their surroundings.



Biology class: Snowshoe hare’s adaptation to the environment(100%)

The snowshoe hare is a rabbit animal.

First, it uses camouflage to survive in its environment. When the daylight becomes shorter, its fur turns from brown to white. Because land is often covered with snow in the winter, the white color could be like snow, and it’s harder for predators to find it.

Another special thing is that snowshoe hares don’t need to keep fat or store food during the winter, because food is easily available and reachable.

Although I probably should mention that technically a hare is not exactly the same as a rabbit, even though it is very similar the primary difference is that a rabbit’s young are born blind and without fur, while a hare’s babies are born with a full coat and able to see.

Now, another advantage related to this is that unlike many animals in winter, snowshoe hares can stay lean and light weight(保持苗条和体重轻).