English Synonyms


And our top tip for learning vocabulary is: use a thesaurus, which is a dictionary of synonyms, to help you find new words and make your English more interesting. And look for example sentences with each word to help you choose the right word for each situation.

weird or odd or strange or bizarre

costing a lot

costing a lot of money

pricey (informal)
costing a lot of money

strange in an unusual, sometimes interesting way

not quite right

different from normal

not normal or different from other people or things

weird: strange or unexpected

funny or entertaining

funny in a sillyway

making you laugh

very funny, enough to make you laugh out loud

funny enough to make you smile

really amusing

appearance on someone’s face showing what they think or feel

appearance on someone’s face showing what they think or feel


gorgeous, beautiful


sequestration: 资产扣押 封存

the act of separating and storing a harmful substance such as carbon dioxide in a way that keeps it safe: We are actively pursuing new environmental approaches like carbon sequestration. natural processes that benefit people, such as the sequestration of carbon in soil and forests.

agitation 煽动;鼓动;(液体的)搅动,摇动;骚动;焦虑不安;忧虑;烦乱

undeniable 不可否认的

enthusiastic 热情的

saga: a long narrative story

starvation: suffering from extreme hunger

sermon: a public talk with religion,布道

concussive: 震荡, brain concussive

slimy: covered with soft stick mud, 谄媚的;假惺惺的;似泥浆的;粘有黏液的;讨好的

snowball: a ball made of snow pressed together

homey: homelike, comfortable, cosey

frailty: a fault due to weakness, 弱点

prearrange: arrange beforhand

voyage: a journey or travel by water.

reptiles: snakes and lizards are reptiles

hyperactive: 多动的

jagged: with sharp point sticking out, uneven
The broken glass had a jagged edge.

sidle 悄悄贴近, to move sideways

overhang: to project over, extend, protrude, 悬垂

assorted: various, 各种各样的

peaceable: liking or keeping peace, friendly

atmosphere: environment

blubber: to cry loudly

stubby: 短而粗的, short and thick, fat, heavy set

scrapbook: 剪贴簿

taxation: act or system of taxing, 税收

feathery 羽毛似的

demolition 拆除

capability: ablity to learn to do

protective: sage guarding

towering 参天

functional: having or carrying out a particular purpose

harmless: causing no pain, loss, injury etc.

discriminate: make or see a difference, distinguish

scimpy: no enough, sparce, inadequate

inhabited: lived in, occupied

sheepish: 羞怯的

cooperative: wanting to work with others

ornamental: having to do with sth. decorative

gargle: wash the throat with liquid, 漱口

misfortune: bad or adverse fortune

displeasure: disapproval, dissatisfaction

baggage: burden of beliefs, ideas, or experiences. 行李


everlasting: eternal

enduring: lasting, permanent

enfold: wrap up, cover