Topic: Film and Movie

电影话题 - 英语讨论


  • jogging 跑步
  • Choreography 编舞
  • heroine 女主角
  • film making
  • ethnography 民族志(This particular style of ethnographic filmmaking is called the community-determined approach. shared authorship.)
  • Ethnography 人种学
  • dubbed 被称为
  • voiceover 画外音,解说者的声音
  • dubbed film 配音电影:一种将原始电影的对话和音效以其他语言重新录制的电影版本。

Movie History

  • 1870s: birth of movie picture, Horse in Moving
  • Thomas Edison, Brothers, pioneers
  • Early 20th: narrative, detailed charcters, more complex, stories
  • Comedy
  • Montage Theory: five methods of montage, different shots, the cutting in film is as important as the images. Film Grammar
  • Sound Stages: Talkies, combied with images, Studio system, the big five, The Golden Age Hollywood
  • Color Theory
  • Production, Movie theaters
  • CGI computer generated image, super heros
  • 2020: Streaming Service, Subscription, Block Booking? Monopoly


Lecture on Choreography Class

  • super-imposing: adding a fire background
  • illusion of flow: 流动错觉; entering and exiting the frame several times.

The Problem of Narrative Clarity in Silent Films

Conversation: film review

  • film review: analysis, strengths and weaknesses, comparasion to other films and personal opinions
  • synopsis 大纲
  • subjective or objective