Topic: Education

教育话题 - 英语讨论



  • 网络教育和真实课堂
  • 家庭教育和学校教育
  • 寄宿学校和走读制
  • 私立学校和公立学习等
  • 分级分班教育和不同能力的学生共同学习


  • 按兴趣还是按职业发展
  • 知识类课程还是体育音乐
  • 实践还是理论
  • 选课集中度(深度 vs. 广度)


  • 教育与犯罪率
  • 教育与失业率
  • 政府对教育的投资
  • 间隔年和兼职


  • comprehend 理解
  • under the assistance of their teachers
  • expand their vocabulary
  • from all ages
  • communicational tool
  • global village
  • credit 学分
  • their schedule is very tight
  • slack off 不努力,松懈
  • a healthy outlook on life 健康的人生态度
  • academic attainment 学业上的成就
  • his load is so heavy
  • many theories and professional subjects
  • be obliged to do sth.
  • duty/responsiblity 责任
  • make great efforts to do sth.
  • deal with problems
  • extra-curricular
  • impart v. 给予传授
  • stimulate one’s interest
  • acquire knowledge/acquire the skills
  • cultivate the habits of …
  • strive for excellent
  • have an aptitude for … 有…才能
  • distance learning/ online learning
  • vocatinoal education 职业教育
  • practical skills vs. theoretical knowledge
  • studying abroad
  • Gap year
  • government funding
  • 称赞 praise
  • 录取 admit to
  • 由于 owing to
  • 蜂拥 swarm into
  • 文学 literary
  • 哲学 philosophy
  • 注重 pay attention to / attach importance to
  • 屈从于 surrender to
  • 课外班 extra-curricular class
  • 演讲比赛 speech contest
  • 首要要求 primary requirement
  • 名牌大学 prestigious university
  • 竞争激烈 intense competition
  • 前途光明 a promising future
  • 不足为奇 It’s no wonder that….
  • 愿意牺牲 be willing to sacrifice
  • 国际排名 international/global rankings
  • 国际学生 international student
  • 海外学生 overseas student
  • 受到尊敬 receive respect
  • 限于…之内 confine to
  • 做重要决定 make crucial decisions
  • hands-on opportunity 动手机会,实践机会
  • distance learning 远程教育/网络教育


come of age 成年: Watching their children come of age has been the biggest joy of most parents. 对于很多家长而言,看着他们的孩子一天天的长大为他们带来了巨大的喜悦。

Students need to engage with the course, which means not only engaging with the course materials and the course concepts, but engaging with their tutors; engaging with their fellow students. And they also need to plan ahead.

The most important role the tutor has is to give you feedback on how you’re doing on the course.

Collaborative learning is very important for student success.